Guten Tag.

Hi there. Or as we say politely in Germany: "Guten Tag."

Let me introduce myself

My name is Marc and this is my first post on this blog. I work as a consultant in the IT business in the Stuttgart area in Southern Germany. In this blog I occasionally post articles on findings in the domain of Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and IT Infrastructure Engineering. And all other stuff that I think someone else might interested in.

Why are you doing this, Marc?

Over the years I regularly found myself in situations in which I was desperately searching for a solution for either deadly simple or tricky and complex problems related to Software development, Data Analytics, building Machine Learning models or setting up IT infrastructure. Nearly everytime I found a solution online on web platforms or on personal blogs and websites – and all of this for free.

Let’s think about this: I would estimate that there are several thousand people out there, all over the world, that helped me at some point of my professional or personal life, when I was screaming and kicking my computer, but I never really thanked someone for this help in distress.

This why I have decided that it is now time to give back to the world and collect interesting findings, that could save someone else a few minutes or hours of precious quality time and torn out hair.

What’s left to say?

Comments on my postings are welcome. Let me know your thoughts, ideas or drop a questions, if you have one. My posts are far from perfect, and I am sure that out there are people who know things much better than I do. At least I hope so – would be sad if not.

Comments are moderated, so they will only appear after I release them.

And the usual disclaimer: Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

And now, here is a picture of an Alpaca. Simply, because I think they are cute. Enjoy your time on my website and have a nice day!

A cute Alpaca

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Marc 2018-12-29 Reply

Do I need to mention that I love the alpaca? 🙂

The Other Marc 2018-12-30 Reply

This is a test comment by Marc.

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